Application of Zemax Programming Language

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Zemax optical design software and Zemax Programming Language (ZPL)

1.1 Introduction to Zemax

1.2 Introduction to Zemax Programming Language ZPL

Chapter 2 Basics of Zemax Programming Language

2.1 Basic Structure

2.2 Variable and Constant

2.3 Function

2.4 Keywords

2.5 Flow Control

2.6 Sub-Function

2.7 I/O and File Operation

Chapter 3 ZPL commands in details

3.1 Numerical Operation Functions

3.2 String Functions

3.3 Setting and Reading Zemax System Properties

3.4 Setting and Reading Lens Properties

3.5 Merit Function

3.6 Solve

3.7 Optimization

3.8 Ray Tracing

3.9 System Analysis

3.10 Non-Sequential Components

3.11 Multi-Configuration

3.12 Display

3.13 File Operation

3.14 ZBF File

Chapter 4 ZPL Application Examples

4.1 Sequential Optical Systems

4.1-1 Basic ray-tracing parameters

4.1-2 Light spot near focal plan

4.1-3 Geometrical beam and Gaussian beam comparison

4.1-4 Comparison of transmission property of different glass materials

4.1-5 Reading refractive index and transmission data of catalog glass

4.2 Non-Sequential Optical Systems

4.2-1 Light Pipe

4.2-2 Cosine Fourth Rule

4.2-3 Importance sampling

4.2-4 Interference fringes

4.2-5 Efficiency of the integrating sphere

4.2-6 Generating 3D light distribution with Detector Volume




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