This Arduino kaleidoscope is far out, dude!

Another interesting project with Arduino Nano.

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Nearly every kid had a kaleidoscope in their hands at some point during their childhood. The brilliant display was mesmerizing! Still today, the colorful churning designs are a delight to any onlooker’s eye. Jose Daniel Herrera has devised his own kaleidoscope, with a Maker twist of course, that can be displayed on any wall in your home.


Herrera’s relatively simple design centers around a series of addressable LED strips. He cut down a string of 60 LEDs to sets of five and fixed them onto a circular piece of PVC, before planting a layer of diffusing Plexiglass over the top to achieve the desired appearance of the LEDs.

Caleidoscopio con Arduino y tiras de leds

With the LEDs linked to an Arduino Nano (ATmega328), Herrera has the ability to install various lighting patterns to fit his needs. Whether it’s a frantic dance party or a calming nightlight for a baby’s room, any light arrangement is now possible. The code for…

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